1. get awry, get free, get out, get clear of, break away, make or effect one's escape, make good one's escape, get away safely, Archaic. scape or 'scape, Inf. jump, Inf. skip, Inf. make a getaway or clean getaway, Inf. fly the coop; All Sl. break jail or prison, break out, break loose, cut loose, bust out, bust loose, go or leap over the wall, lam or take it on the lam; free oneself, break one's chains, slip the collar, shake off the yoke.
2. elude, evade, bilk, dodge, slip through [s.o.'s] hands or fingers, give [s.o.] the slip, lose [s.o.], throw [s.o.] off the scent.
3. abscond, flee, bolt, elope, fly, take flight, take to flight, take wing, Sl. wing it, Inf. beat it, Inf. skip out, Inf. skip town, Inf. skedaddle, Sl. skidoodle, Sl. skidoo or skiddoo, Sl. vamoose or vamose; run, run away, run off, take to one's heels, make a quick exit, Rare. fugitate, Inf. take off, Inf. clear out, Inf. make tracks, Inf. cut out, Inf. cut and run, Sl. split, Sl. scram, Sl. blow, Sl. hightail it; retreat, withdraw, abandon, desert, take oneself off, take French leave, quit the scene, beat a retreat, beat a hasty retreat, run for it, make a run for it, turn tail, show the heels, show a clean or extra-light pair of heels; leave, depart, exit, Euph. leave without saying good-bye, Brit. Sl. bugger off.
4. make off, pull out, absquatulate, give or take leg-bail, Sl. bail out, Fig. take the money and run; sneak off or away, steal off or away, creep off or away, slink off or away, slip off or away, slither away, slide off, skulk away, Sl. mooch off, Sl. duck off, Brit. Si. mizzle; vanish, disappear, do the disappearing act, Inf. make oneself scarce, Brit. Si. do a moonlight flit, Sl. duck and run, Sl. dog it.
5. leak, leak out; drain, seep; emanate, issue forth, pour forth, flow out; stream, gush, spurt, flood.
6. flight, departure, A rchaic. scape or 'scape; running away, bolt, decampment, desertion, abandonment, elopement, absquatulation, French leave, retreat, hasty retreat, Sl. disappearing act, Sl. skedaddle, Sl. skedaddling, Sl. scramming.
7. getaway, jailbreak, prisonbreak, Inf. break, Inf. breakout; exodus, hegira, migration; deliverance, delivery, release, freedom.
8. evasion, elusion, avoidance, dodge, duck, sidestep; narrow escape, hairbreadth escape, near miss, tight squeeze, Inf. close call, Inf. close shave, Inf. close one.
9. opening, outlet, exit, egress, way out; escape hatch, hole to crawl out of; loophole, escape clause, pretext, Inf. out.
10. fantasy, fantasizing, escape into fantasy, oblivion, escape into oblivion; dreaming, daydreaming, wishful thinking; escapism, Psychol. autism, Psychol. dereism.
11. leakage, leaking, leak; seepage, drainage; discharge, effluence, efflux, effluxion, outflow; outpour, outgush, outburst, outrush.

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